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Everyone at Medicop is well aware that we produce equipment for customers who simply cannot make nor accept mistakes - the most demanding hospitals, emergency departments, intensive care departments and health centres around the world.

Letalo Quality, safety
and reliability,
since 1978.

We at Medicop are proud of our considerable tradition, which stretches back more than 40 years to 1978, when the company was first established. We are also particularly proud of the fact that Medicop products are used in almost every health care facility in Slovenia, and employed in hospitals and health centres in 60 countries around the world.

Naturally we perform demanding functionality tests on every device we produce, ensure all devices operate according to a wide range of technical standards. And we have put in place additional quality control in various phases of production to ensure nothing stands to compromise the absolute safety and reliability of our products – products that are the result of exacting state-of-the-art engineering and manufacturing processes and procedures.

All of this and more makes us well equipped to provide healthcare facilities and institutions with the best medical gas equipment solutions, from clinics that require a mere single cylinder per week to facilities requiring hundreds of cubic metres per hour around the clock.

Letalo Why do business

It is our absolute priority to respond to clients in the shortest time, as well as to supply the ordered goods sooner then expected. We always find the fastest and most favourable way to transport goods to our clients and keep them informed about the shipment status.


We strive to meet your expectations with all comfort, convenience and safety features. Besides our standard product models and configurations, we offer you customization and adaptations to meet your specific requirements. We are pleased to listen to our clients' needs and fulfil them.


Making reliable products has been our goal throughout the decades. We not only perform the function tests for each device required by technical standards, we have put in place additional quality control in different phases of production to prevent all hazards that might cause unreliability of products.


Our products are being used in almost every health-care institution in Slovenia and many other hospitals in 60 different countries. We are delighted that in our regular surveys of users 83% of our clients give us the highest satisfaction scores.

This exacting policy applies to the entire Medicop product and service portfolio, consisting of Equipment for Medical Gas Systems, Bedhead Units, Oxygen Therapy Devices, Medical Suction Units and Medical Support Equipment; and to our comprehensive range of ambulances and special transport and treatment vehicles.

Slika 112 resevalca Quality support

Supervision systems run from personal workstations allow manufacturers to view the status of their gases from their own location, and enables them to offer professional assistance in the case issues arise or to provide maintenance-on-demand.

Slika računalnika

We are well positioned to provide equipment for medical gas systems for both stationary healthcare facilities and for compact mobile shelters that can be used as mobile hospitals in an array of challenging environments.

And in this age of enhanced mobility and remote access users everywhere have complete and precise control, anywhere, over the status of all medical gases via CAN-BUS technology and other powerful technologies.

Medicop delivers each gas unit completely ready-assembled and tested, so on-site installation times can be greatly reduced and units get on line and operational all the faster. Just as important is the expert work of all our installers, who receive regular training to ensure the work of all our service team personnel meets the very highest professional standards.


We at Medicop have made it our priority to respond to clients in the shortest time possible, and to ensure goods and services are delivered on time and on budget. Deliveries and installations arrive and happen when and as promised; transport terms ensure fast and reliable deliveries, and clients are kept well abreast of the status of their orders and all other related information.

Alongside our many standard product models and configurations, we also offer customers customised solutions and adaptations to meet the most specific of requirements – and all with the greatest of safety concerns foremost in mind. We work hard to meet the entire range of customer requirements and expectations, and to make the customer and user experience as convenient, effective and reliable as possible.

Letalo 40 years of experience
persistent growth.

We are very proud of our tradition. The company was established in 1978 and years since have been filled with business challenges successfully met and intense development. In four decades of operation we have developed into a company that builds its strategy on knowledge, experience, professionalism and employee responsibility. Our business results clearly reflect our work in human-resource development, professional growth of individuals and creating a creative climate in the company.

Slika people People and careers at Medicop
Many factors contribute to our success, but none more importantly than our people.

Medicop's professional team is equipped with excellent skills, outstanding technical knowledge and is dedicated to offering the best service to our clients, every day. Medicop currently has 85 employees. Together with several highly specialized suppliers, we form a close-knit research and development hub, devising new approaches and technologies, and producing ever-improving prototypes and finished versions of product components.

For Medicop, every individual is important; however, we especially value those with an entrepreneurial mentality, who can contribute to our development with enthusiasm and innovation. Our human-resources policy is based on building an environment for nurturing talent, for developing individual assets, and on striving for a creative climate where ideas are cherished and innovative thinking is rewarded. That's why we carefully plan new recruitment, as well as the personal and professional development of the people we recruit.

Write to us!

Medicop is looking for associates who are ready for challenges, who seek new experience and knowledge, and dare to step beyond borders. In our company, opportunities are opened up for those who join us, with broader development always in mind. At the same time, exceptional capabilities are required. We challenge ourselves daily.

If you recognize that you can contribute to our growth with your potential, send us your CV, a short presentation of suggestions for common development and your contact details. We will read your proposal with great interest.

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Everyone at Medicop is well aware that we produce equipment for customers who simply cannot make nor accept mistakes - the most demanding hospitals, emergency departments, intensive care departments and health centres around the world.