Everyone at Medicop is well aware that we produce equipment for customers who simply cannot make nor accept mistakes - the most demanding hospitals, emergency departments, intensive care departments and health centers around the world.

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MB Sprinter KTW
Johanniter Wien, Austria
SISTINA, Skopje-Makedonija
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NYA Karolinska Solna
PLA General Hospital
PLA General Hospital
Dronning Ingrids Hospital
Dronning Ingrids Hospital
Nuuk, Greenland
Dronning Ingrids Hospital
Krasnoyarsk regional hospital
Dronning Ingrids Hospital
Nemocnice Milosrdnych sester sv. Karla Boromejskeho
Czech Republic
Dronning Ingrids Hospital
ACT Ambulance
Dronning Ingrids Hospital
St. Carolus hospital
Jakarta, Indonesia

range of an offer

We are able to offer the best solutions of medical gas equipment for healthcare institutions who have demand of gas consumption for single cylinder per week, or those having consumption of hundreds of cubic meter per hour.

Gas equipment for hospitals up to 300 beds we are able to deliver in about few weeks.

excellent delivery time

equipment for special ENVIRONMENTS

The medical gas system we can provide also for compact, mobile shelters, which can be used as mobile hospitals.