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Exceeding industry standards of quality-control, product testing and risk analysis at Medicop are more than just steps in the process. Nothing but the best is good enough to save people's lives.

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Oxygen therapy devices

Medicop portable units enable patients to remain mobile and active despite the continuous need for an oxygen supply in sufficient quantity. Our pressure regulators assure absolutely clean gas out of the regulator, enable easy connection to/disconnection from the cylinder, and guarantee completely safe handling at high pressure. Medicop flow meters allow the flow-capacity, humidity and pressure of the oxygen supply to be adjusted easily and comprehensively.

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Medical suction units

Whether electrical, vacuum or compressed-air powered, Medicop Suction Units are synonymous with quality and precise performance of a range of aspiration procedures. Our products are user-friendly devices with easy maintenance, long shelf life, multifunctional configuration and low noise level. Medicop permanent drainage units are indispensable for protracted treatment and a comprehensive range of accessories is available.

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