Medicop ProSaver SP is a synonym for state of the art engineering, innovative technology, safety, quality, comfort, and longevity. All in one unique emergency ambulance car which is tailored to the extreme requirements of rescue services. Designed by a team of rescuers, safety consultants and Medicop experts – to satisfy the needs of the most demanding emergency staff - ProSaver SP is an ambulance that performs at top levels for a long time.

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Great body integrity pays off in safety, comfort, and convenience. The newest composite materials ensure strong and light vehicle construction. For that reason, ProSaver SP is definitely one of the lightest emergency ambulance vehicles.

Professional engineering, fit and finish reduce wear, improve aerodynamics, save fuel, and reduce noise level in the patient compartment. It all adds up to lower costs of ownership over the duration of the ProSaver SP ambulance.

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The main features of the ProSaver SP ambulance, based either on the new Mercedes Benz Sprinter or Volkswagen Crafter (ProSaver CR), are its low weight, its great freedom of movement in the patient compartment, and its generous loading capacity. It offers a roomy interior for extensive medical equipment, an optimal ergonomic work environment, and patient-comfort. The generously dimensioned patient compartment provides secure seating with easy access to the patient and all of the medical equipment needed in transit.

These properties make the ProSaver SP suitable for extreme rescue services and even for use in specialized long-distance patient transport.

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