The LifeSaver TR is Medicop’s state of the art, full-size emergency ambulance, and is specifically designed to meet the extreme requirements of emergency rescue services. The ambulance features Medicop’s highly important ergonomic details and attention to safety, which are setting new standards in an industry where details really matter. Medicop’s LifeSaver TR boasts a roomy interior for an extensive array of crucial medical equipment, a highly-effective ergonomic work environment and optimal patient comfort. The generous patient compartment allows maximum freedom of movement for emergency responders and fast and easy access to medical instruments

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Why we think LIGHT is great?

Light also means lower fuel consumptions & tyre wear, shorter stopping distance, quicker acceleration & responsiveness in rescue work and improved driving features.

Why we think TOUGH is necessary?

Tough enables stable driving through curves at high speeds, guarantees high level of protection for medical staff and patients, plus it’s an effective protection and safety in case of side collisions.

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At Medicop we are never satisfied with less. Except when it comes to the total weight of our ambulance vehicles. We strive to create robust and lightweight construction, using top quality materials only, to create the ambulance vehicle of future.

The vehicle’s robust yet lightweight construction provides good agility and driving performance on any terrain. Just as importantly, it provides unparalleled visibility in traffic in all weather conditions.

Also, the aerodynamic design of its blue–light system means standard maintenance can be performed outside the vehicle quickly and easily; similarly, high–pressure washing is not an issue.

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Less than 3.5 tons.

LifeSaver CR is the only type C vehicle (according to our research) in the BoxBody model with the total weight under 3.5 tons. Not only that is economically justified, it also results in a lower carbon emissions and our mission of developing the environment friendly ambulances of future.

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