Medicop QuickSaver TI

based on station-wagons or SUVs, are innovative and high quality reliable cars providing fast and safe transport of medical staff and their equipment to the scene of an emergency.

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Emergency doctor vehicles

are perfect to improve response times. This especially applies in areas such as busy roads, where a smaller vehicle is able to move through traffic faster than a full size ambulance. When every second is important, these vehicles are ideal as first-responder vehicles, carrying a doctor or paramedic to the scene of an emergency before an ambulance can get there. Such vehicles can also provide first-aid assistance for patients who do not require hospital treatment, and can be treated at the scene by the crew on site, which saves conventional ambulances for other, more urgent jobs.

Emergency doctor vehicles

can help emergency medical organizations to use their resources more efficiently. Most emergency vehicles cost much less than full size ambulances, and they can often be staffed by a single person, while conventional ambulances require a minimum of two crew members: a driver and an attendant. They can be used to bring additional or more skilled resource to a scene, or to simply avoid sending too much of a resource to medical problems that do not require it.

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Depending on the requirements, additional emergency staff may be required, so that a maximum of four persons can be active in the vehicle. The equipment consists primarily of storage compartments and communication equipment that enables coordination of emergencies as well as contact with other authorities (police, rescue center, etc.).

Medicop Emergency Doctor Vehicles

are a versatile choice, whatever your operating efficiency and safety need. Compact storage and organized workspace offer a high level of functionality, increase your productivity and lower costs.

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where it matters most.