CitySaver TR Ambulance 

The CitySaver TR is Medicop’s dedicated patient transport ambulance. In addition to its compact and dynamic design it’s exceptionally functional and comfortable, while the vehicle’s interior is both highly practical and customizable.

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The CitySaver TR offers large shelf area and compartment options, yet the patient area remains astonishingly spacious, bright and tidy, providing medical personnel with ample free working space and an excellent environment in which to operate.

The streamlined blue–light unit, which is integrated into the roof, has been carefully designed to match the ambulance’s overall bold, striking appearance.

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These qualities and more, combined with a large and intelligently designed patient area make the Medicop CitySaver TR the ideal long-distance patient transport vehicle, while still serving as a means for transporting and delivering quality care for patients in any situation.

In addition to the standard configurations, Medicop offers complete customization schemes to accommodate a vast array of special equipment and protocol requirements.

Patient compartment interiors, medical equipment, information technology and exterior designs can all be fully customized to suit special needs and unique specifications.

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