Ozadje LifeSaver CR


The LifeSaver CR is the most modern Medicop rescue vehicle which was was designed and developed with the help of paramedics, safety consultants and Medicop's experts in order to create an extraordinary rescue vehicle tailored to the extreme demands of rescue services. The modern design is the basis for the extreme visibility of the vehicle as well as the optimized air and medical gas flow.

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The interior of the LifeSaver's new generation boasts with increased space and improved ergonomics of the patient area, which ensures the highest freedom of movement for paramedics and for performing all operations and manoeuvres in the vehicle in one single place. The medical appliance storage space has also been improved.

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  • Safety
  • 360 Modular LED
  • Own development of EQcontrol and medical gas installations 
  • Low total weight (the lightest vehicle in its class in the EU)
  • Perfected ergonomics
  • Achieving the EN1789 safety norm
  • Optimized storage space
  • Type C vehicle
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The LifeSaver CR boasts with a low total weight; it is the lightest vehicle in the type C class, which further improves the driving features and rescue time. Safety is never an issue with us, which is confirmed by the EN1789 norms and crash tests with 20 G force. The in-house developed EQcontrol system enables interactive management of the patient area and medical gas installations, and the 360 Modular LED technology is the reason why we claim that this is "the most visible ambulance on the planet".

LifeSaver CR rešilno vozilo