The ProSaver TR is Medicop’s innovative emergency ambulance, which boasts outstanding end-user performance and quality. The specifically contemporary design concept together with high operating efficiency and safety features make the ProSaver TR ambulance a highly effective and versatile specialty vehicle.

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On the outside, the ProSaver TR is distinguished by the aerodynamic design of its blue-light system; inside, intelligent lightweight interior finishings allow for easy and effective operations. Further, re-thinking the interior layout results in a fully optimised work environment and greater patient comfort. There’s more room for both medical equipment and the full, safe mobility of medical personnel.

These features and qualities make the ProSaver TR highly suitable for extreme rescue services as well as for use in particularly demanding long-distance patient transport.

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In addition to the standard configurations, Medicop offers complete customisation schemes to accommodate a vast array of special equipment and protocol requirements.

Patient compartment interiors, medical equipment, information technology and exterior designs can all be fully customised to suit special needs and unique specifications.

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