The MEDILIGHT bed head unit is the perfect solution for patient rooms and departments that require good, flexible lighting, power, communications and medical gas outlets exactly where and when they are needed. All Medicop unit housings are made of extruded aluminium and are powder coated.


MEDILIGHT bed head units conform in all respects to ISO EN 11197 and IEC EN 60601/1 standards and deliver a number of important features and benefits.

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Optimal lighting

The BHU-MEDILIGHT unit can be fitted with indirect lamps for room illumination, direct lighting for illuminating the immediate bed head, and a night light. Direct lighting can be adjusted to allow the light to disperse over the head of the patient and to provide excellent reading light; adjusting indirect lighting effectively disperses light across the wall above the unit. All lamps can be fitted with an electronic start mechanism that prevents any delay in powering up the lamp.


The shape of the profile itself represents a well-engineered leap forward from the classic rectangular-shaped channels. The electricity and low power outlets are also available in the most contemporary of designs.

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Each unit features multiple covers that attach to the main assembly with a tight seal. This scheme allows access to the lamps and the medical gas outlet clutch without the need for any special tools when the need for replacement arises.


Bed head units are mounted to the wall using a specially designed aluminium carrier that enables accurate horizontal positioning of the unit and also serves as a stable platform for the fittings. Longer units are divided into multiple parts, connected together by special linking elements.


The designer or user can choose the length of the unit, select a colour from the RAL chart, decide on the intensity of the lighting and choose the number and location of the outlets.


Inside, the unit is divided into several ducts that are separated by an aluminium barrier. This layout scheme provides a separate duct for each feed source – high voltage, low voltage, communications, medical gases – which prevents any possible influence or interference between essential feeds.

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