Medicop - the New Representative for Physio Control
Medicop has become the official representative for the program of transportable ECG defibrillators Physio Control Lifepak.



New Medicop branch office
In a pursuit of expanding its local reach in the European Union, Medicop announces the opening of a new branch office in Vienna.



LifeSaver Box BodyInnovative Benefits

Medicop emergency ambulances are synonym for state of the art engineering, innovative technology, safety, quality, comfort, and longevity - ideally tailored to the extreme requirements of rescue services. They feature Medicop unmatched ergonomic and safety details that have set new standards in an industry where every detail matters.

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Medicop patient transport ambulances are conspicuous rescue vehicles having a compact and dynamic appearance. Fully tested, certified and in service around the Europe the Medicop patient transport ambulances deliver on reliability and durability and are a cost-effective ambulance vehicles. The progressive design concept, convincing operating efficiency and a high degree of safety make these ambulance vehicles in which you can have total trust.

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Medicop Emergency Doctor Vehicles, based on station-wagons or SUVs, are innovative and high quality reliable cars providing fast and safe transport of medical staff and their equipment to the scene of an emergency. They are a versatile choice, whatever your operating efficiency and safety need. Compact storage and organized workspace offer a high level of functionality, increase your productivity and lower costs.

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With its futuristic engineering and innovative design solutions, Medicop LifeChair stands for a new generation of patient transport chairs. Chairs that adapt to the modern style of rescue work and answer the fundamental demand for safety and comfort. It satifies the needs of the most demanding emergency staff and the needs of patients to be carried in seated position in critical emergency situations.

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Our mission is to design and produce medical equipment and ambulance vehicles in which you can have total confidence. Let us tell you how our innovative products and services protect, support and save lives. Benefit from our advantages: Top Safety Standards, Ergonomical Engineering, Electrical System, Integrated Blue-Light System, Improved Aerodynamics and Customization.

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